Bristol Nightlife
The Hawthorn Bar

This is one of the best places to hang out with a group of VA Party Bus partygoers in the Bristol area. It's been around for seemingly forever, and we love the fact that they divide it up into the front bar and the back bar, with the back being a bit more of a restaurant feel than the front. You'll be able to choose your ambiance that way! The seating outside is very nice during the summer months. No matter where you chill, you'll be treated to excellent service and some of the best food and drink on this side (or that side!) of the state line! Find The Hawthorn Bar at Glengarriff Village right here in Bristol!

620 State

620 State is one of the most exciting places to dine and drink in the Bristol area when you're with VA Party Bus! This is an Asian fusion restaurant and music venue where you can enjoy all your favorite sushi, plenty of yummy platters, and even live music while you dine. The cold beers just pair so perfectly with whatever you order here. The thing that people love is that you'll park in VA and eat in TN! Of course you'll simply be dropped off at the door by VA Party Bus! You will be able to find the one and only 620 State at Glengarriff Village right here in Bristol! Highly recommended!

Borderline Billiards

When you want to shoot pool in the Bristol area, there's only one option, and that's Borderline Billiards! We just love this place and so do our VA Party Bus customers. The prices are just rock bottom low, to the point that they don't even need happy hour prices! There's great music to enjoy and of course a full bar. You will most enjoy yourself here on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Plenty of room for groups too! Limited hours though, from 5-11 on Tue-Thu, 5-1 Fri-Sat, and 4-10 Sun. Borderline Billiards is easily fund at 628 State Street here in Bristol. Recommended without a doubt!

State Line Bar & Grill

When it comes to great restaurants and nightlife in Bristol, the name State Line Bar & Grill definitely comes up a lot. This is one of the cheapest late night destinations you'll ever find in this area, and the best nights to come in are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It's casual and relaxed and you'll even be able to watch the game while you're there. Lots of room for your VA Party Bus groups too! The staff is super friendly. We'd most recommend the sweet potato fries with the sour cream and cinnamon sugar dip! Wow. Amazing flavor. State Line Bar & Grille is found at 648 State Street here in Bristol!

O'Mainnin's Pub & Grill

O'Mainnin's Pub & Grill is an oft recommended bar and restaurant that's so conveniently located for VA Party Bus customers in the state line area. The live music is really sensational and we love their generous beer selection! It can be a bit overcrowded at times and it's definitely loud and rowdy, but we find that the people who gather here really enjoy that! It's plenty of fun. The food is good and the service is always quick and friendly. We've never heard a single VA Party Bus customer complain about this place! O'Mainnin's Pub & Grill can be located at 712 State Street in Bristol!

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