Buena Vista Nightlife

Brix is by far a top example of tje most exciting places to dine with your VA Party Bus friends when in the Buena Vista area! This is a Mediterranean-inspired tapas bar and wine bar that really gets it right. This is one of the smaller restaurants on our list, so you'll want to note that it's more suited for smaller party bus groups and more intimate get-togethers, or perhaps for grab some meals for the road and enjoy them on the bus with your buddies! Should you have the opportunity to dine in, you'll love relaxing at their cozy bar and enjoying all their liquor and wine. Find this one at 4 East Washington Street in nearby Lexington!

Southern Inn

Southern Inn is just an incredible place to visit with your VA Party Bus partygoing group! This is comfort food, Southern style, and done with a bar type of flair you'll simply be unable to find elsewhere. This also happens to be one of the few places in the area that's actually open for business on a Sunday afternoon, making it the perfect spot for a lazy lunch with your party bus friends. You'll really enjoy the high quality service that you receive here, and let's not overlook the fact that the the ambiance is just superb. Make plans to visit 37 South Main Street in nearby Lexington! Don't miss it!

The Palms

If you thought that you had to go all the way to Vegas to enjoy an evening at The Palms, you're wrong! There's a wonderful establishment by that name right here in the Buena Vista and Lexington area! This is more of a bar than restaurant as far as we're concerned. Though there's food, the focus is on the drinks, and they definitely do them right. They have some of the friendliest waitresses around and they will really make sure that you and your group are treated right and that you have the most perfect night possible. You will find this one at 101 West Nelson Street in nearby Lexington!

Bistro on Main

BoM is without a doubt one of our favorite Southern lounges in the Buena Vista and Southern area. Our VA Party Bus customers request this one on a very regular basis and it's no wonder why! It's one of the best places to grab a delicious lunch. Their menu is huge and varied and that's just one reason that they're so popular! They have super attentive servers who are very helpful and friendly. They also have great bartenders who really know how to serve their clientele. You'll find this one of a kind Southern bistro at 8 North Main Street right in nearby Lexington! Top notch!


Macado's is one of the most beautiful restaurants and bars that we have ever visited in the Buena Vista and Lexington area. There's no questioning why VA Party Bus customers request it so often. They have a menu full of delicious sandwiches that are a wonderful lunch option any day of the week. There's a full bar for your enjoyment too, and the bartenders really know how to mix up a mean cocktail or serve your wine with flair and style. The prices are quite reasonable and we love the outdoor seating too! Head on down to them over at 30 North Main Street in nearby Lexington! Superb!

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