Covington Nightlife
Cucci Pizzeria

This is the most standout restaurants in the VA Party Bus service area is Cucci Pizzeria in Covington! They serve truly authentic Sicilian pizza, which is just impossible to find anywhere else in this area. The portions are absolutely enormous and the food is always super fresh and delicious. They put so much care into the business here, and you can really see that right from your very first visit. This one is perfect for dine-in or carryout for enjoying on the party bus with all your partygoing friends! You will be able to find the one and only Cucci Pizzeria at 566 East Madison Street in Covington!

D & J Family Restaurant

We can't even count how many times VA Party Bus customers have asked us to take them to D & J Family Restaurant! There's nothing super fancy about this place, it's really just a smallish family style diner that's great for those who want a nostalgic trip to the good old days! And sometimes that's just enough. It's better for smaller party bus groups, since it's mostly booths, a few tables, and some seats at the bar. They've got old fashioned favorites like roast beef sandwiches and fish filet dinners. You will be able to find this classic establishment at 904 South Monroe Avenue in Covington!

Court Street Restaurant

Court Street Restaurant gets a lot of love from VA Party Bus customers because it's an all-you-can-eat buffet that is hugely popular every day of the year, and most especially on holidays when VA Party Bus customers love to get out and enjoy themselves! You can really feed a huge party bus group here without having to break the bank. It's mostly country style food and not a whole lot of vegetarian or vegan options, but you might be able to put something together if you're more the health-conscious type! You can find this one at 201 North Court Avenue in Covington!

Western Sizzin'

Western Sizzin' is a great American steakhouse that you will find in Covington that will really please your tastebuds. While they don't normally take reservations, we do recommend calling ahead for your party bus groups, which they're generally more than able to accommodate. They have a lot of home style items for you to choose from here and even a nice buffet bar for just under ten bucks! How about that? What a great way to feed your whole party bus group on the cheap. Great service and wonderful ambiance too. Found over in the area of 912 Valley Ridge Road in Covington!


What can we possibly tell you about Applebee's that you don't already know? Who doesn't love this popular chain restaurant? It's a fun place to gather with friends when you want to be in a loud and lively atmosphere where you want to talk and enjoy yourself without worrying that you're being a bit too booming! They have a huge menu of delicious favorites and even a full bar that you can relax at or order drinks from right at your booth. Don't pass up taking a look at the specialty drinks or desserts, as they are fantastic! Make a trip down to 415 Thacker Avenue in Covington!

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