Danville Nightlife
Buffalo Wild Wings

B. Dub's is always a popular destination for VA Party Bus partygoers in the Danville area of Virginia! And why not? Not only do they have some of the best tasting traditional and boneless wings around, but they also have an absolutely huge menu of hot sauces to choose from to go along with them! It's also a sports-lover's paradise, with plenty of large screen TVs and all the best views no matter where you're seated. There are video games and other things to keep you busy here, but mostly you'll have fun mingling with your friends and sipping specialty drinks! Find this one at 3415 Riverside Drive in Danville!

Kickback Jack's

Kickback Jack's is a fabulous sports bar in Danville that VA Party Bus partygoers opt for time after time. They have more than enough room for your party bus groups and they're happy to take reservations. It's always loud and lively here, with plenty going on, and there are televisions so you can relax and watch the game with your buddies. You get a huge amount of food for your money here, much more than if you go elsewhere to the popular chain restaurants, for instance! The wings are amazing and the pints are so cheap. Just perfect! You can find Kickback Jack's at 140 Crown Drive in Danville!

Joe & Mimma's Italian Restaurant & Pizza

Many VA Party Bus customers have remarked to us that Joe & Mimma's Italian Restaurant & Pizza is the absolute best restaurant that they have located in Danville, and we would wholeheartedly agree! They really do have all of your Italian favorites here, and we do mean ALL of them! What an extensive menu. They serve beer and wine as well, which is just perfect during a long party bus trip when you really want to treat yourself. You may even want to pick up a pizza to go on the bus! You'll be able to find the one and only Joe & Mimma's at 3336 Riverside Drive in Danville!

Jake's on Main

Jake's on Main really stands out from the crowd. Maybe that's why VA Party Bus customers are always asking us to take them there! The location right near the water on Main Street is just perfect, and of course the food is simply superb. They have one of the largest beer lists that we have ever seen, and the servers are very smart and happy to help you find one that you will love based on your particular tastes. The live music is really a plus, and it's never so loud that you can't hear the conversation that you're having. You can find the superb Jake's on Main at 215 Main Street!

Golden Corral

There probably isn't a whole lot that we can tell you about Golden Corral that you don't already know, as it's such a popular family chain restaurant! The fact that this is such a comfortable place just makes it even more perfect for party bus travelers. We know that our VA Party Bus partygoers love to nosh on their hamburger steaks and to pile up a nice salad with the fixing from their fresh salad bar. There's a ton to choose from here and you won't have to pay an arm and a leg for it. You will really enjoy yourself here, that's for sure! You can find Golden Corral at 195 Holt Garrison Parkway in Danville!

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