Emporia Nightlife
Fo Sho

It's fo sho that VA Party Bus customers love dining at Fo Sho! This is a charming little sports bar and Italian restaurant with old fashioned black and white tiles on the walls where you can really enjoy yourself and feel like you're being treated to a really unique experience. The chicken parmesan is one of our favorite things to throw down on, and how about their yummy pizzas? The service is really friendly here and they're always so happy to see you even if it's your very first time there. Nighttime is the best time to come in, and check out their theme nights! Located at 916 West Atlantic Street in Emporia!

Wilson's BBQ and Grill

Barbecue lovers who travel with VA Party Bus in the Emporia area have never once regretted choosing Wilson's BBQ and Grill for their lunch or dinner destination! The prices are in the moderate range and the quality of the barbecue is off the charts! It's divey and casual here, so you'll feel right at home even if you're not dressed to the nines. They have wonderful hush puppies, fantastic pulled pork sandwiches, and of course some of the best brisket that you will ever lay tastebuds on. The cole slaw and tea are also great. You just can't go wrong with anything you order! Found at 769 North Main Street in Emporia!


Applebee's is always a smart choice for VA Party Bus partiers in the Emporia area. Why? Because this is a chain restaurant that really gets it right. It's not too fancy or too casual, just right in the middle so that everybody feels right at home. They have a huge menu of delicious food to choose from, including noteworthy appetizers, sensational specialty drinks, and of course desserts that cap the night off just perfectly. When they've got their ice cream blondies available, look out! They're fantastic. You will be able to find this standout Applebee's location at 105 Sader Lane in Emporia!

Squire House

Squire House is a really unique choice when you are traveling in Emporia with VA Party Bus. It's located in a converted mansion and there are many different rooms that you may be seated in, including a bar area toward the back. Some have said that it's intentionally creepy here, so if that's your vibe, you will be right at home! We just find it rich with history and so exciting. They have a smallish menu but what they serve is really excellent. This is a great place to rent out for parties, especially when you are traveling with a VA Party Bus group! Find this one at 632 South Main Street in Emporia!

Carolina Barbecue & Chicken

Carolina Barbecue & Chicken is actually not a barbecue restaurant! The name can be a bit misleading as they only serve barbecue on certain days of the week. It's actually a Southern family style buffet, similar to Shoney's if you've ever been there. At just about ten bucks per person, you can really feed your whole VA Party Bus group without having to dig too deep into your wallet. The food is mostly regional and it's all very delicious. They always have a huge array of desserts that are a really nice treat when you're celebrating something special. Located at 500 West Atlantic Street in Emporia!

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