Franklin Nightlife
El Ranchero Mexican Grill & Bar

One of the places in the Franklin area that has the absolute best service around is El Ranchero Mexican Grill & Bar, and that's why this one makes VA Party Bus's list of wonderful restaurants and bars to visit when you're out here in this area with us. They have some of the greatest food in the city and their margaritas rival anybody else's too! Mm-mmm good! We love the delicious white sauce that they have for their chips, which is something that you will not find elsewhere, just the standard red and green salsas! Everything that's on the menu is really a notch above what you're used to. Find this one at 164 Council Road in Franklin!

Harper's Table

Harper's Table is a seafood restaurant and steakhouse that we know for a fact is beloved in the community. How do we know? Because they request it as a destination all the time, and they have told us just how much they have enjoyed their dining experiences there! It's beautifully restored in an old historic building, and they have one of the nicest and most well-chosen wine lists that you will find anywhere in the Franklin and Suffolk area. You'll be treated to a truly exquisite time here, with the highest quality service around, and with food that's really a cut above the rest. You'll be abke to find this one at 122 North Main Street in Franklin!

CW Cowling's Restaurant & Lounge

CW Cowling's Restaurant & Lounge is really a dynamo of a dining establishment, with everything you could ever want, including breakfast and brunch that'll satisfy even your wildest morning cravings, incredibly juicy and delicious hamburgers that they're known for from miles around, and seafood dishes that really please those who love their ocean delights. This is the kind of place where you can kick back and watch your favorite teams duke it out in sporting events on TV and throw back lots of cold ones from their tap at fabulous happy hour prices too! You will love the pricing and the friendly service too! Found at 1278 Smithfield Shopping Plaza!

Plaid Turnip

Plaid Turnip has a quirky name and a fun vibe overall, and we think it's a great place for you to go for dinner and drinks when you're in the Franklin area with VA Party Bus. Watching the game here is always a blast and you'll really love the fact that there's so much room here for even your biggest VA Party Bus groups. The bacon wrapped jalapenos will knock your socks off and blow your tastebuds away, and as far as the entrees go, we'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite because they're all so good! The baked goods are incredible, including cupcakes, cake balls, and cookies! Good stuff! You can find this one at 115 North Main Street!

The Smithfield Inn

The Smithfield Inn is an all-in-one kind of establishment that serves the needs of many travelers in the Franklin area, especially those of VA Party Bus travelers. You may come here for the hotel, for the venue and event space, or for the restaurant and bar! It's a little pricey but well worth it, and they more than happily accept reservations too. It's romantic and quiet here, so it's a nice contrast from most other restaurants and bars in the area. Even the outdoor seating is beautiful. We love the fried green tomatoes and succotash here, and the crab soup will also really please you. The crab cakes are absolutely delish! Found at 112 Main Street!

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