Fredericksburg Nightlife
Home Team Grill

If you've got an upcoming trip with VA Party Bus in the Fredericksburg area, a really smart place to get together with all of your party bus buddies for a yummy meal and some good stiff drinks is Home Team Grill. Of course, watching the game is plenty of fun here, and we love the fact that this place skims the line between family friendly restaurant and sports bar. It's not an easy line to walk, but they do it well! They've got a huge menu of traditional American favorites that will absolutely drive your tastebuds wild with pleasure, and we think that you'll really enjoy the overall vibe here. Find this one at 1109 Jefferson Davis Highway in Fredericksburg!

Hard Times Cafe

Hard Times Cafe has quite a downer name for such an up place! All of us at VA Party Bus just love it here. They've got a restaurant side and a bar side, making it really easy to choose the kind of dining and/or drinking experience that you have here. They have great icy cold beer here and a great selection of it. The food is wonderful and served in such large portions that you just might want to share with one of your fellow VA Party Bus partygoers! You can certainly fill up on the cheap here, and you'll enjoy getting lost in some good conversation while you do so as well! You'll be able to find this one at 314 Jefferson Davis Highway in Fredericksburg!


Many VA Party Bus customers come to us before their Fredericksburg area trip asking us what the best Italian restaurant is in the area. We always recommend Castiglia's because they have provided us with such a great dining experience year after year. This is a classy and beautiful place to dine, with entrees that are served with real flair and attention to detail. We love the grilled asparagus here and all of the meat entrees, as well as the fantastic seafood dishes. The restaurant side is really pleasant to sit in and the bar side is beautifully remodeled and so comfortable to relax in as well. Great stiff drinks and cool staff here too! Found at 324 William Street!

Miso Asian Grill & Sushi Bar

When VA Party Bus customers are in the mood for Asian fusion, Thai food, or delicious sushi, Miso Asian Grill & Sushi Bar is the destination that our chauffeurs will send you to. It's not a huge place so we might recommend it more for your smaller party bus groups, or simply for take-out to enjoy on the bus! That's always fun, and there's nothing better than having a full sushi spread to nosh on while you travel down the Fredericksburg streets. All of the various Asian dishes are really delicious and high quality here, so there are no worries about that. We think you'll be beyond pleased with everything here. Found at 1305 Jefferson Davis Highway!

The Mad Crab

Seafood lovers and sports bar lovers have found their true haven in Fredericksburg at The Mad Crab. It's a laid back place that tends to be quiet and reserved, and yet there is wonderful live music and karaoke to enjoy, and it's even great for dancing! You'll love the full bar here, celebrating your bigger events in life with VA Party Bus and a few good stiff drinks. Even watching the game here is plenty of fun, and they've got Sunday Ticket too! The all-you-can-eat deals are very smart for party bus travelers and we think you'll love the macaroni and cheese and the crab legs too! Everything's so delectable! Found at 5442 Southpoint Parkway in Fredericksburg!

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