Galax Nightlife

Macado's is a truly awesome sandwich shop that VA Party Bus customers in the Galax area just adore! This is one of the places that actually stays open late in this area, as late as 1:00 AM, and we think that's just perfect for our late-night party bus peeps! We really love both the soups and sandwiches here, and it's so cool to be able to check out all the old memorabilia and toys that this place is known for. Quirky would be a good word for this joint. We should also note that they have a really beautiful bar area that is stocked with tons of wonderful beers, always kept perfectly icy cold. You'll be able to find this Galax gem at 201 North Main Street!

The Grill

The Grill may have the most generic name in town, but it certainly doesn't have a generic experience in any way, shape, or form! This relaxing old fashioned neighborhood bar is so welcoming and pleasant. You'll really feel like you've stepped back in time when you enter those doors, even to the point that they do not accept credit cards, so leave the plastic at home and flash some cash instead. The prices will blow your mind. We think perhaps they never changed them in all these decades! Not huge portions here because that too is old fashioned, but you can fill up without breaking the bank very easily! Find this one at 113 North Main Street!

Rio Grande Mexican Grill & Cantina

Galax is certainly not lacking a wonderful Mexican restaurant within its city limits! Rio Grande Mexican Grill & Cantina is really a great one. It's even more impressive when you realize that it's so new! Longevity is a yard stick that we usually measure quality by, but in this case we know that the longevity will be seen in the future, because it's a real winner! There's a full bar here, but no TV for sports lovers, unfortunately. But if you're looking to escape the din of the TV, this is a nice place to do it. Everything seems freshly homemade here and we absolutely love the super cheap top shelf margaritas here! Too good. Find this one at 1356 Carrollton Pike!

River Rock Grill & Sparta Family Fun Center

River Rock Grill & Sparta Family Fun Center is really loaded with things to do for you VA Party Bus travelers coming through the Galax area. They've got a huge menu of delicious things to choose from, including incredible black and bleu burgers, yummy roasted turkey BLTs, and really irresistible peel and eat shrimp. There's a full service bar here with a really impressive selection of both beer and wine, and though there's no beer on tap, we think you'll really enjoy all the bottled selections. They've got billiards here as well as disco bowling, and who could ever NOT love that? Such a fun time. Everybody adores it here. Find it at 58 Blue Ridge Street!


There's not much that VA Party Bus can tell you about Applebee's that you probably don't already know! We mean, who doesn't love this place? It may be a chain restaurant and you may get the same consistent experience at each establishment in that chain, but isn't that really a perk sometimes? They've got one of the largest and most varied menus of any restaurant that we frequent, and it's a really fun environment to hang out with your party bus friends whether you're just having a casual night out or celebrating something really special. It's usually loud and lively too, just how you like it! Great specialty drinks too. Found at 1126 East Stuart Drive in Galax!

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