Lexington Nightlife

Craving some incredible Mediterranean tapas? Maybe a little wine bar style? Well, Brix is the spot for you in the VA Party Bus service area. While not a large or expansive place, so we would suggest it for your smaller more intimate VA Party Bus groups or perhaps if you wanted to try to rent out the whole place just to yourselves. The food is locally sourced so it's very green and eco-friendly here. The bar is beautiful, very small and elegant, and really stocked with top shelf liquors that will please you very much. If your party is too big for this space, maybe just pick up a little take-out to enjoy on on board the party bus! Good stuff no matter where you eat it. Found at 4 East Washington Street in Lexington!

Southern Inn

Southern Inn is a really wonderful place, known for their Southern-style comfort food, done bar style and done very well! There aren't a whole lot of restaurants and bars in this area that are actually open for business on Sunday afternoons, so if you're heading out after brunch and wanting to enjoy yourself with your friends in a really pleasant atmosphere, this is a smart move. The food is absolutely out of this world, just a huge menu of all your Southern favorites plus some very enticing surprises. The drinks are wonderful, so good and strong, and very flavorful. One of our highest recommended places in Lexington. Found at 37 South Main Street!

The Palms

The Palms is a bar and restaurant many of our loyal customers return to time and time again, but we hear that they love it more for the drinks than for the food. It's all about the wonderful bar atmosphere here and the incredible service. It's true that the bartenders and waitstaff really know how to show you a good time, making sure that you are well taken care of while you're there. This is a bit of a college-age hangout, so if you're seeking a more mature crowd, this may not be your spot. But if you want a young, hip, cool, and fun place to throw back a few beers and soak up the good atmosphere, you will not regret choosing this one. Found at 101 West Nelson Street in wonderful Lexington!

Bistro on Main

Bistro on Main is the premier Southern lounge that VA Party Bus customers are always requesting and cannot get enough of. It's always crowded here because it's so popular, so you will want to arrive plenty early or grab some reservations, and obviously if you're planning to pack a whole VA Party Bus group in there, you'll want to call well in advance! They'll be happy to have you but they'll want to be prepared. The bar area is wonderful and you'll really enjoy the good stiff drinks here, alongside your incredible barbecue options. Everything is just great here, so mouth-wateringly good. 8 North Main Street in Lexington is where you can peep this one !


Macado's is known for their incredible wings and sandwiches, and truly, this is one of our favorite bars in the Lexington area! VA Party Bus customers know that this is one of the most reliable places in the area. Now, it's true that they can be pretty packed on the weekends, and sometimes as a result of that, the service is a little slow. But if you're in the mood for a laid back and not rushed dining and drinking experience, there's nothing wrong with that. They're very courteous and they do their best with the crowds here! They do catering too, so if you've got a big VA Party Bus event coming up, consider this place! Found at 30 North Main Street!

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