Lynchburg Nightlife
Shoemaker's Restaurant

For our more sophisticated VA Party Bus customers who really appreciate an upscale dining experience, you just may want to give Shoemaker's Restaurant a try! Located conveniently in the Lynchburg area, this is one of the most beautiful establishments around, just loaded with delicious dining options including high quality steaks and amazing seafood! This is one of the few restaurants in this area that is actually open on Mondays, so if your VA Party Bus trip happens to fall on a Monday, then make it a priority to visit this one while you're out with us. Amazing service and wonderful drinks here too! Found at 1312 Commerce Street in Lynchburg.


Dish is a fabulous Spanish tapas bar that our VA Party Bus customers absolutely love. The spring rolls are one of our favorite things to have when they are available and we just love soaking up the ambiance here. It's not a bar scene type of place though there is a nice bar, and you'll really find that the focus is on the food, as it should be. The wine selection is quite impressive and the service is always good too. Overall, this is one of the most pristine and perfect dining choices in the Lynchburg area, and it's clear why VA Party Bus customers choose this one the most over all of the others! Find this one at 1120 Main Street right here in Lynchburg!

Stoney Badger Tavern

Stoney Badger Tavern is an incredible spot. Just incredible! This is a really comfortable bar where you can nosh on some of the most delicious chicken wings in town. VA Party Bus customers cannot stop raving about the wings that they serve here, and frankly, our staff cannot get enough of them either! If you love to dance, this is a great spot for you, and it's wonderful for dinner or late night partying on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We like that they kind of separate the dining and drinking areas here, making it a little more comfortable depending on what your purpose there is! Find this one at 3009 Old Forest Road right here in Lynchburg!

Rivermont Pizza

Rivermont Pizza is almost like having two establishments in one. They've got a back room here that is packed with an incredible selection of beers and a really beautiful bar, and a front room that is basically a wonderful pizza restaurant. This is a popular place with the local college crowd, so if you're seeking a more mature crowd, this might not be what you want, but it's always pleasant and we think you'll really enjoy it here. The wilted spinach salad is absolutely irresistible and we love to pair that with a nice slice of pizza and an icy cold draft beer. Wonderful service and even TVs to watch the game! Find this one at 2496 Rivermont Avenue in Lynchburg.

King's Island Restaurant

If you, like the VA Party Bus staff, love Japanese and Chinese food, you have simply got to check out King's Island Restaurant right here in Lynchburg! It's surprisingly affordable for the high quality and huge variety of food that is offered here. There's more than enough room for even your biggest VA Party Bus groups and you'll love it here for lunch or dinner any day of the week! Full bar too! That's pretty rare at a sushi restaurant. The noodle dishes are some of the best that we have ever had and we think the lunch buffet is one of the smartest options for any party bus group in this city! This grand place is found at 2804 Old Forest Road right here in town!

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