Charlottesville Nightlife
The Virginian

The Virginian is known as one of the best bars in Charlottesville and it's no secret that VA Party Bus partygoers ask to visit this establishment almost more than any other in the area! They have some of the cheapest nightly drink specials around, and in terms of their food, boy are you in for a treat! They have the greatest sandwiches, fries, hamburgers, steaks, and ribs! We could just go on and on about the high quality of their food. The macaroni and cheese is also a thing to behold! Of course, the ambiance itself is a gem for your enjoyment. Find this one at 1521 University Avenue in Charlottesville.

Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar

Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar is one of VA Party Bus's highest recommendations in the Charlottesville area. It really combines the best of bar and restaurant worlds into one perfect blend. They have absolutely wonderful appetizers and entrees here, and we'd highly recommend the empanadas and the skirt steak as a perfect pairing of those! Of course, you may just want to order up a bunch of different dishes and share them with your whole party bus group. They're very accommodating for large groups and the service is just wonderful. Find this one at 422 East Main Street in Charlottesville.


Escafe is really a unique choice for VA Party Bus travelers who find themselves in the Charlottesville area after dark. They have some of the best cocktails in town and despite the upscale quality, they do not cost too much! They have sensational food to pair with it, including red snapper that we just go wild over. The fact that they have live music here, which is often live jazz, only makes us love it more. Don't skip dessert here, as it's so indulgent and delicious no matter what you choose! Very impressive overall. You will be able to find Escafe at 215 West Water Street right here in Charlottesville!

Mas Tapas

If you asked the VA Party Bus staff what their all-time top favorite restaurant in Charlottesville would be, they'd tell you Mas Tapas with no hesitation! The fact that the tapas plates are so generously sized here (it's like they didn't get the "small plates" memo!) only makes it more perfect for hungry party bus travelers. You can order a whole bunch of tapas here and share it amongst your group, and everyone will be in heaven. The anchovies and artichoke goat cheese spread is probably our favorite thing! You can find Mas Tapas at 501 Monticello Road right here in Charlottesville!

Positively 4th Street

Positively 4th Street is absolutely sensational! We are just shocked at how outstanding it is. The rave reviews that you'll find online don't even come close to the ones that will be spilling from your own lips after you have a chance to visit this one! Their crab cake sandwiches are one of our favorite things to indulge in here, and they have a whole host of delicious burgers that you will simply drool over, including a lamb burger that no one with functioning tastebuds could ever manage to resist! Oh, and can you say beer-a-misu? Hello! So good. Find this one at 401 East Main Street in Charlottesville!

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